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2020 2nd quarter

 MyinVest© 2020 Q2 Return on investment  ( ROI )

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2020 Q2 ROI

Grouth Evaluation

Evaluating ( ROI ) compared to the main indexes



The fund style is best described as quality, sustainable “growth at the right price” (GARP).


Manage portfolios as separate mega projects diversifying assets and balancing the various equity sectors in addition to oil, metals and currencies.


Use historical perspective to assess the range of valuations over a longer time period.

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We take the time to understand your goals and offer comprehensive wealth solutions to help you realise your life vision. We know what’s important — the success of your family and personal aspirations – so we help you manage your wealth in a way that reflects your unique values and aspirations. Because, we believe, as you do that the greatest returns are realised when you grow more than wealth. From delivering personalised wealth management strategies and implementing customised solutions, to keeping you informed of progress along the way,  MyinVest©  is beside you every step of your journey.

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By choosing  MyinVest©  as your wealth management partner, you will benefit from the financial stability and strength of a truly global institution. Our clients have the assurance of knowing we have one of the highest quality balance sheets, a strong liquidity position and we take an active approach to manage risk.

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من خلال عملية اكتشاف العملاء الرائدة في الصناعة ، نطور فهمًا عميقًا لأهدافك المالية وقيمك الشخصية من أجل تحديد استثماراتك وتقاعدك واحتياجاتك ، واكتشاف الفرص الفريدة لبناء ثروتك وحمايتها.  يمكن لـ  MyinVest © وضع أهدافك وغاياتك موضع التنفيذ ، واختيار وتنفيذ استراتيجية إدارة الاستثمار بعناية لتلبية أولوياتك.

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